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All Indigenous ingredients used in our products are cultivated in Australia ensuring high quality and fresh aromas and tastes.
Macadamia and Wattleseed Image

Macadamia, Wattleseed
& Lemon Myrtle Satay

A sweet, tangy & extra nutty Satay sauce made with Australian Macadamia nuts, roast Wattleseed, Lemon myrtle (has the flavour of lemon, lemongrass and slight eucalypt) and a touch of honey.

Macadamia NutritionSuperb with chicken and lamb or even just vegetables.

Lunch or dinner becomes an adventure as you take your taste buds on a culinary journey through the desert lands, coastal regions & rainforest regions of outback Australia. Unlock an exciting new world of flavours where “East meets Southern land”.

Ready-to-cook sauces

Native Oz Macadamia Satay